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I was sitting in a local coffee shop last Friday morning when writing this post. The snow was coming down and the roads were partially covered and a little slick. But it was only November 14th. Does this kind of weather really happen in mid-November? The snowy conditions definitely made it feel later than November, Continue Reading

I had a bride text me last night saying she’s been praying for sunshine for her wedding this Saturday. Right now, the forecast is predicting cold temperatures (in the 30s!), sunshine and no rain, so my bride is pretty happy. Of course she’d rather it be warm, but she’s just happy it’s not supposed to Continue Reading




As of this morning, there’s snow in the forecast for Saturday. Really, already? It’s “snowed” here slightly over the past couple of weeks, but nothing substantial. I have a feeling that since this weekend will officially be November, this predicted snow could really stick. Literally. But let’s not dwell on what is to come. Let’s Continue Reading

Kristi and Brandon probably had one of my favorite engagement sessions of 2013. They were excited, friendly and didn’t mind showing a little love for the camera. After a successful summer engagement session, I knew we’d have a successful summer wedding! So finally their day arrived. I could tell it was going to be a Continue Reading

I’ve been chatting with my November brides about their wedding day schedules recently and we’re suddenly realizing that the dwindling daylight may greatly affect picture-taking. November 2nd marks the official end of daylight savings this year and that means sunsets at 5pm or earlier for a couple months! (Depressing, right? Darkness before you even eat Continue Reading

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